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In Los Angeles, California, and throughout the United States, police officers must only employ lethal force when it is the last available option. This includes officer-involved shootings. Whether they serve in Southern California or elsewhere, officers are rigorously trained to justify every use of force, with each action required to be objectively reasonable.

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When the police employ unnecessary deadly force, it not only constitutes an unwarranted act but also infringes upon your fundamental rights safeguarded by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

At the Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo, our Los Angeles officer-involved fatal shooting attorneys believe that no one is above the law – especially those who wear a badge. We are steadfast in our commitment to securing justice for victims and families who suffered harm due to police shootings and brutality in California.

We’ve helped families whose loved ones have died due to police shootings throughout California, as well as those who suffered serious & catastrophic injuries. And we can hold the police, guards, agencies, governments and institutions accountable for this gross misconduct. You’re entitled to justice, and we’re the support you need to fight for it. Don’t hesitate to call us at (818) 347-3333 or complete our confidential contact form today.

No Attorney in California Has Tried More Cases Against the Police, and Won

It’s true. Attorney Dale K. Galipo is one of the most well-known civil rights attorneys in the country and is among the nation’s top winning attorneys in cases against the police. He knows how to hold police officers and law enforcement accountable, and he fights aggressively for justice.

While past success is no guarantee of future results, here are some of our most notable cases and awards:

  • $33.5 Million Jury Verdict, unanimous: Archibald v. County of San Bernardino (unarmed mentally ill man);
  • $17 Million Jury Verdict, unanimous: French v. City of Los Angeles, (unarmed mentally ill man);
  • $8.5 Million settlement: Vivas v. County of Riverside
  • $6.5 Million Jury Verdict, unanimous: Rose v. County of Sacramento (no offer of settlement);
  • $4.65 Million settlement: Franco v. City of West Covina
  • $4.5 Million Jury Verdict, unanimous: L.D. v. City of Los Angeles, (scissor in hand mentally ill man)
  • $3.4 Million Jury Verdict, unanimous: Craig v. County of Orange (No offer of settlement)
  • $2.0 Million settlement: Gibson v. City of Long Beach

How Common Are Police Shootings?

In 2022, 1,201 people were killed by police in shootings and by use of excessive force, the most in over a decade. 97% of people killed by police in 2022 were involved in an officer-involved shooting. Tasers, physical force, and police vehicles accounted for the other deaths. 103 of those people were unarmed at the time of the shooting.

The majority of fatal incidents occurred when police officers responded to non-violent situations. A total of 87 individuals lost their lives after being stopped by the police for a mere traffic violation.

Even worse, many people killed in police shootings are mentally ill. Police killed 109 people responding to reports of someone behaving erratically or having a mental health crisis. These people deserved empathy, medical care, and compassion – not force.

Unbelievably, only 12 officers were ever charged with crimes. This accounts for just one percent of all killings by the police.

Civil Rights Violations and Police Shootings

Civil rights violations in cases of police shootings encompass a range of infringements on an individual’s constitutionally protected rights. These violations may include:

  • Excessive Use of Force: One of the most common civil rights violations is the use of excessive force by law enforcement. The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures, which includes the use of force by the police. When officers use force beyond what is necessary and reasonable in a given situation, it violates an individual’s civil rights.
  • Due Process Violations: Police shootings may also involve due process violations, mainly if the investigation and legal proceedings following the incident are conducted unfairly or without proper adherence to the legal requirements.
  • Equal Protection Violations: In cases where there is evidence of discriminatory practices or racial profiling leading to the use of force, equal protection violations may be alleged, suggesting that an individual’s civil rights have been violated based on their race or other protected characteristics.
  • Failure to Provide Medical Care: After a police shooting, officers must ensure that injured individuals receive necessary medical attention. Failure to provide adequate medical care can be a civil rights violation, as it may exacerbate injuries and potentially lead to wrongful death.
  • Retaliation: In some cases, individuals who exercise their right to record or report police actions may face retaliation or harassment from law enforcement. Retaliation against those who assert their rights can be considered a violation of their civil liberties.

We Stand Ready to Fight For Your Civil Rights After a Police Shooting

Our fatal police shooting attorneys serve all of California, and we believe in holding the police accountable when they use unnecessary or lethal force in the line of duty.

If you or someone you love is a victim of a police shooting, we want to fight for you. Our experienced legal team is here to protect your rights and provide the support, guidance, and advocacy you need during these challenging times.

At the Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo, we hold law enforcement accountable when unnecessary or lethal force is used in the line of duty.

We firmly believe in safeguarding the rights and well-being of individuals who have been victims of police shootings, and we are committed to seeking justice for you and your loved ones.

Contact Our Fatal Police Shooting Lawyers Today

If you or a loved one has been involved in an officer-involved shooting, you have the right to seek accountability and protect your civil rights. At the Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo, we are here to assist you in holding law enforcement officers accountable when they are involved in shootings. We know how difficult and traumatic these cases can be – that’s why we offer compassionate yet aggressive legal guidance at every turn.

We have helped victims and families throughout Southern California, including San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Long Beach, or within counties such as Ventura, and San Bernardino. We can help you, too, if you call us today. Call (818) 347-3333 or fill out our confidential contact form to speak to someone at our office. Together, we can seek justice.

Our Successes in Officer Involved Shooting Cases:

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    Archibald v. County of San Bernardino, unarmed mentally ill man, unanimous jury verdict of $33.5 MILLION

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    French v. City of Los Angeles, unarmed mentally ill man, unanimous jury verdict of $17 MILLION

  • Design Logo

    L.D. v. City of Los Angeles, scissor in hand mentally ill man, unanimous jury verdict of $4.5 MILLION

  • Design Logo

    Vivas v. County of Riverside, settlement for $8.5 MILLION

  • Design Logo

    Rose v. County of Sacramento, no offer of settlement, unanimous jury verdict of $6.5 MILLION

  • Design Logo

    Craig v. County of Orange, no offer of settlement, unanimous jury verdict of $3.4 MILLION

  • Design Logo

    Franco v. City of West Covina, settlement for $4.65 MILLION

  • Design Logo

    Gibson v. City of Long Beach, settlement for $2.0 MILLION

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